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We will help you to confirm a company is legally registered in Thailand, so you can proceed with confidence.

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Company Verification Services
Avoid being defrauded or disappointed. Undertake a reasonable amount of due diligence before doing new business with any company in Thailand

Choose one of our Thailand Company Verification Services to obtain an investigation report sufficient to meet your needs. Reports ranging from only verifications of basic company registration information to in-depth legal and financial records reviews and direct site inspections are available.

Sample Reports for Thailand Company Verification Services
Our verification services can help you avoid being scammed or doing business with questionable operators

Our reports will be in English and will be sent to in PDF format. We will also translate Thai documents to English pursuant to your order.

Why use our Thai Company Verification Services?
  • Avoid being scammed by phantom suppliers

  • Expose phony investors, lawyers and money lenders running advance payment scams

  • Quickly vet the financial histories and legal standings of new business associates

  • Check company ownership

  • Confirm the names and scopes of authority of named directors

  • Save your time and money for legitimate business deals

Case Studies
  • Problem:
    Company Acquisition

    A client who wanted to acquire all the shares of an operating company retained us prepare the required documentation and conduct necessary due diligence. Our review of company records maintained by governmental authorities and interrogations of the seller uncovered undisclosed liabilities that led to a significant reduction in the price of the shares and the successful closing of the transaction.

  • Problem:
    Proposed Business Venture

    We were asked to conduct a preliminary investigation of a proposed new business partner for a very large commercial transaction. The target of the investigation was a Thai private limited company. We obtained its financial statements, company governance documents and shareholder history to assist the client in evaluating the risks of the venture.

  • Problem:
    Fake Venture Capital Angel

    A group of entrepreneurs had been in contact with a scammer who purported to be a director of a substantial subsidiary of the Thai public company and wanted to make a large investment in their venture. Here, the scammer copied the company’s real website and published it on the internet at a newly purchased domain name, which was only slightly altered from the authentic domain name. This allowed use of an email address that appeared to belong to the company. The purpose of this scam is to get the victim to send fees in advance to purported lawyers to get phony “foreign company registration certificates” to receive the investment funds. Juslaws visited the executive offices of the real company to confirm that it had nothing to do with the spurious venture capital investment.

  • Problem:
    Export Supplier Scam

    A client came to us having made payments totaling more than US$13,000 to a bogus company with a phony website to purchase products from Thailand. The client became suspicious after receiving a continuing chain of requests to wire additional funds to deal with various shipping issues concerning the goods supposedly in transit. A check of the records of registered companies would have quickly exposed this scam.

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