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Real Estate Due Diligence Services
Buying property in Thailand requires more care and investigation than is needed in more developed countries with extensive regulations and long-established title record systems

Protect your investment and gain peace of mind by using our due diligence service. Choose the level of review you believe suits your needs or contact us for assistance in making the right choice.

Sample Reports for Thailand Property Due Diligence Investigations
We can provide you with a basic report that confirms the current government records of the title type, its ownership and the existence of recorded mortgages, liens, leases and other encumbrances.

Our reports will be in English and will be sent to in PDF format.
We will also translate Thai documents to English pursuant to your order.

  • Raw Land Due Diligence Sample Report

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  • Residential Property Due Diligence Sample Report

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  • Commercial Project Due Diligence Sample Report

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Why use our Due Diligence Investigation Services before buying property in Thailand?
  • Verify the issuance of a title deed for the property

  • Confirm that the title deed is the correct type and the land area conforms with the seller’s representations

  • Make sure that you are dealing directly with the owner

  • Investigate whether the chain of title has questionable transactions

  • Determine whether the land is improperly titled public forest land, or if it has use or transfer restrictions under the land reform laws

  • Check compliance with zoning, environmental and building regulations

  • Confirm that the property is not subject to mortgage liens or encumbrances of record

  • Find out if the land is subject to court actions

  • Determine last sale price and current market values

Case Studies
  • Problem:
    Commercial Project Due Diligence

    A client wishing to enter a long-term lease of a site to construct an amusement center for tourists requested us to conduct due diligence of the proposed lessor’s rights and the suitability of the site for the project. Investigation at the Thai Land Department revealed that the proposed lessor did not have the right to grant the lease for the full term being discussed, that there was an easement for a public road through the middle of the site that was incompatible with the proposed use and that the provision of sufficient power and water to the site was problematical at best. The client is looking elsewhere.

  • Problem:
    Hotel Acquisition Due Diligence

    Juslaws was retained to conduct a due diligence investigation of a very large, newly constructed luxury hotel. The investigation included the review of the history of land titles to examine their validities and the rights of access, and the review of related building permits, site plans, building plans and grading plans to review compliance with zoning and environmental laws. Issues concerning land titles, access rights and environmental laws were uncovered that caused the acquisition to be abandoned.

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